colossuswassus (colossuswassus) wrote in dontbuyusfood,


stephap elvis (11:29:33 PM): I have to pee but my legs hurt too much to get up.
ColossusWassus (11:31:41 PM): geez
stephap elvis (11:32:38 PM): word.
ColossusWassus (11:34:49 PM): bathroom time for me
stephap elvis (11:36:19 PM): yay
stephap elvis (11:36:20 PM): I'm proud
ColossusWassus (11:38:03 PM): it felt good too
stephap elvis (11:39:01 PM): man
stephap elvis (11:39:04 PM): I really wanna go
ColossusWassus (11:57:20 PM): ummmmm... can you pee in the toilet from where you're at?
ColossusWassus (11:57:35 PM): like an artillery barrage?
stephap elvis (11:58:15 PM): haha
stephap elvis (11:58:17 PM): I just went.
ColossusWassus (11:58:20 PM): excellent
stephap elvis (11:58:26 PM): totally
stephap elvis (11:58:29 PM): I knew you'd be proud.
ColossusWassus (11:58:30 PM): artillery style?
stephap elvis (12:02:55 AM): yes.

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