stephalupagus (sporkburrito) wrote in dontbuyusfood,

stephap elvis: if you turn 11:34 upside down
stephap elvis: it says HELL
ColossusWassus: I did know that
stephap elvis: awesome.
ColossusWassus: all kinds of stuff you can spell with arabic numbers
stephap elvis: you can spell Hi Leslie
stephap elvis: 317537 14
ColossusWassus: sexy
stephap elvis: yes.
stephap elvis: in case you ever meet someone named Leslie
stephap elvis: you know what to do.
ColossusWassus: oh I'll tap that shit hard
stephap elvis: definitely
stephap elvis: I'm posting this to dontbuyusfood
ColossusWassus: posting?
ColossusWassus: our convo?
stephap elvis: yes
ColossusWassus: lol fuck my ass that's awesome

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