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Ian is a dork. bluefinkle: hell yes\ bluefinkle: my battery should… - Don't Buy Us Food [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Aug. 6th, 2005|01:19 am]
Don't Buy Us Food


Ian is a dork.

bluefinkle: hell yes\
bluefinkle: my battery should be dead
bluefinkle: but it's still working
stephap elvis: plug in the damned thing
bluefinkle: but i might disappear at any moment
bluefinkle: i'm too lazy
bluefinkle: i'll just fall asleep when it shuts off
stephap elvis: that's hilarious
stephap elvis: you can just like
stephap elvis: fall over
bluefinkle: i can!
bluefinkle: i could right now
stephap elvis: that rules
stephap elvis: I could, but I don't wanna sleep on the floor
bluefinkle: i'm sitting on the futon
bluefinkle: so i'm ok
stephap elvis: man
stephap elvis: I'm jealous
bluefinkle: i think it's coming
bluefinkle: i'm dozing off
bluefinkle: any minutea
stephap elvis: haha
stephap elvis: dorkface
bluefinkle: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna
bluefinkle: i havem my eys closead
stephap elvis: that rules
stephap elvis: you are such a dork
stephap elvis: just go to bed
bluefinkle: im mjust typing andything cause i canh;t see
bluefinkle: what atre you asying?
stephap elvis: dude
stephap elvis: go to sleep
bluefinkle: iz lilike fishes
bluefinkle: fj;
bluefinkle: what arke you doiing?
bluefinkle: zhfd muppet
stephap elvis: I like fishes too
stephap elvis: haha you're probably totally asleep
stephap elvis: awesome
stephap elvis: I hope you get this in the morning
stephap elvis: otherwise,
stephap elvis: I should put it on livejournal

From: astrogirl34
2005-08-24 09:17 pm (UTC)
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